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Initiative Petition: 2020-052

Repeals Oregon Laws 2019 Amendments to ORS 807.021(1), ORS 807.040(1)(b), ORS 802.200(8)(e) & 807.400(1)(b)












Lars Larson Show Comment, by Chief Petitioner Angela Roman, 10-2-19:




Financial Support

Please consider donating. Your financial support will be used to pay for mailing, printing & legal costs, as well as reaching out to as many Oregon voters as possible.



Petition Instructions


If you prefer to download and print the petition(s) yourself, or you are a petition circulator, please follow these instructions very carefully so every signature will count and we can reach our goal. Scroll down farther for the petition download links.

  • Printing Petitions – Download and print as many petition pages, cover sheets, and ballot text pages as you desire. Print on regular copier paper (20 lb, 8.5×11, plain, white). The 10-line petition page, must be printed in landscape format, and must fill the page and have an even border all the way around the page. The 10-line page must have the Cover Sheet, copied on the back side, for voters to read if they wish before signing. The Ballot Text must have the Cover Sheet, copied on the back side, for voters to read if they wish before signing, and must be printed in portrait format. The ballot text sheet and the 10-line page must be attached together when mailed in. 


  • Petition Signers – Only current registered Oregon voters can sign. If you are collecting signatures (using the 10 line page), make sure you first ask each signer if they are registered to vote before allowing them to sign. 


  • Returning Petitions – Mail to: Mark Callahan, PO Box 651, Oregon City, OR 97045. You can include multiple pages in one mailing (please use sufficient postage).

  • 10-Line Pages – If you are collecting signatures use the 10 line petition pages. You must observe each signer as they fill out their information and sign. Make sure they supply all information. If a mistake is made the signer must initial any corrections. Use a strike-through if an entire line needs to be voided. 10 line petitions do not have be full. They can be submitted with less than 10 lines. Make sure that you sign and date the circulator information at the bottom after the last signature on that page


Thank you for signing and/or collecting signatures!



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Petition Downloads

Ballot Text
Cover Sheet
10-Line Signature Page


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